Breathecoat is a South African paint and coatings manufacturer specializing in lead free and solvent free interior paint and exterior paint and coatings. All Breathecoat products are free of any chemicals that may cause environmental or personal health problems.



Breathecoat has a wide variety of products available to suit your specific needs.

Our aim is to provide you with paints and coatings for the domestic, commercial and industrial construction industry that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Breathable Paint

Our paint products are not only breathable, they are eco friendly too.
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Floor Products

From Floor Leveling Compounds to Floor Sealants and more, we have it all.
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Other Products

There is more to us than meets the eye.

From Patching and smoothing compounds, crack repairs, etc.

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We specialize in paint and flooring contracting for residential, commercial and industrial industries.

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DIY Tips & Tricks

Need some tips and tricks on how to effectively paint and complete your project hassle free?

As well as the mixing instructions for Breathecoat Paint, its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Distributors near you

Find a Breathecoat distributor near you.

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How to Apply Breathecoat Paint


We have been so impressed with the overall brand of Breathecoat that we have decided to further make use of another range of products which they provide. We have selected to use their range flooring products as well over our original decision of casting cemcrete floors. So far we have been very impressed by the different textures and colours which they have presented to us on site and look forward to the application thereof in our buildings.
All and all this is an extremely good product and we can recommend it with full confidence to any firm in the construction or restoration line of work.

We have been so impressed with the overall brand of Breathecoat Boland Bouers, Wupperthal Project

As the owner of Paintmaestro I would like to praise your company for your excellent product and service.

I was at first not familiar with your company. The complex that we have completed recently, Valley Mews in Pretoria, required your products to be applied on the walls of the units.

I was skeptical because I normally suggest to my clients what I feel is a good paint and the fact you are based in the cape with the closest branch in Jhb.

During the project I have discovered that the distance is something that you have thought about too and I must say that I’m very impressed with the delivery system that you have in place. The last batch I’ve ordered was delivered 2 days later, from CT to Pretoria!

Not just that Breathecoat is easy to apply, I’ve also learned that it is a unique product that you cannot compare with normal paints! The concept that it allows the paint to breathe is the perfect solution to damp problems.

I want to thank you for an excellent product and speedy service! Breathecoat is currently the first paint I recommend to my clients because I believe in it and am therefore completely comfortable to attach my warrantee as a painting contractor to it.

Excellent product and speedy service Paintmaestro

The historical building from ±1700’s (now a beautiful guest house) in Paarl that revamped their cellar into a restaurant had moisture issues that has been solved by Breathecoat paint, is looking very good.

The fact that there was no VOC’s during application made the client very happy, as it did not disturb their guests in any away.

We used the powdered Breathecoat paint as well as the acrylic Breathecoat paint on 2 different projects.

Mu client in Somerset West was ecstatic about the product quality and the finish on their house from the early 1900’s.

I would definitely recommend Breathecoat and have already recommended it to fellow contractors.

Thank you for your excellent service.


Thank you for your excellent service Anton van den Eijkel Painters and Renovators

Villa Italia in Century City is an enormous complex with many challenges and your paint was perfectly suited to address the issues.  It applies easily and covers way above your competitors.

What helps us enormously with the Cape unpredictable weather is that it dries quickly.

Even on another project in Riebeeck Kasteel we painted and it started raining 4 hours later,  with no effect to the paint!

The fact that we can plaster today and paint tomorrow saves us days in production time.

In summary we only have one request and that is to please continue to maintain your quality as we will not be using anything else!

The fact that we can plaster today and paint tomorrow saves us days in production time Thermal Dynamix

Ethical Enterprizes have been using BreatheCoat paint and other BreatheCoat products effectively for over a year now.

We have done relatively large projects successfully, one of which was a 23 million Rand house at Pezula Estate in Knysna and a 8 million rand house at the Kingswood Golf Estate in George.

Amongst a few projects we have also managed to give an 18th century slave house in George a new lease of life with Breathecoat after it was damaged with damp and fungi.

We save both time and money because of the application that doesn’t require a primer coat and at best needs only 2 coats of Breathecoat Paint.

Apart from their great products they also have very good customer service and technical support, they are very client orientated and we will recommend Breathecoat to anyone.

Breathecoat is a really good problem solving product.

Breathecoat is a really good problem solving product. Ethical Enterprizes