Mixing your Breathecoat paint is super easy – just follow the instructions below:

Ultra-smooth3 kg3 liter
Smooth3,4 kg3 liter
Textured5 kg2 liter
Breathewood Bond3 kg3 liter

For best results:

  •  wait 3-5 minutes after mixing to allow the constituents in the coating to react and mix.
  • spray painted surfaces with a fine water mist. Spray from bottom to top to speed up even curing.

Never add more water than specified. Mixed ratios are equivalent to 5 L of paint.


Do a thorough visual inspection and preparation

Any cracked, flaking, or peeling areas need to be lightly sanded or scraped (and then thoroughly rinsed) before applying breathecoat paint, because the weight of the new coat will pull the old paint loose. You’ll just end up wasting your time and money if you don’t tackle that first. Greasy spots may also need a bit of washing with soap, followed by a rinse with clean water. Otherwise, give the walls a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth so that paint will have a clean, dust-free surface to stick to.

Protect anything you don’t want painted

You will never regret the time you spend covering floors, furniture, and hardware before you begin a paint project. Drop sheets are a must, and small plastic sandwich bags secured with tape are an easy way to protect doorknobs.

Remove light switch and outlet covers

If you’re impatient, you’ll be tempted to skip this five-minute step, but don’t.

Paint from top to bottom

After you’ve cut in your edges at the ceiling and baseboard using a brush, use your roller to apply paint from the ceiling downward. Amateurs often have telltale drips and spatters at the end of a paint job, but pros paint right over their mistakes as they work their way down the wall. Once an area starts to dry, it’s best to leave it alone. Going back over it can leave marks and color streaks in the paint’s surface.