Floor Products

Breathecoat has a wide variety of floor products available to suit your specific needs.

  • Venedec Floorcote
    A smooth cement based paint coating that is easy to apply on to cement or concrete floors and is available in 80 colours. Note that special colours can be matched according to a plascon or dulux paint sample.
  • Venedec SL – Selfleveling Floor Product
    BreatheCoat Self Leveling is a hardwearing, solvent and VOC free final floor covering with colour pigment as an inherent part of the product. It contains hardening and fast setting agents and dries quickly to a smooth finish, and is available in 10 Beautiful Colours.
  • Venedec SC – Decorative Floor Screed
    A formulated cementitious screed product to be applied as a decorative floor plaster and finished to create a mottled appearance, exhibiting an Italian plaster finish and available in a range of colours.
  • Venedec TF – Decorative Floor Coating
    A formulated cementitious screed product applied as a very thin selfleveling (300microns to 500microns) and then sealed to yield a decorative concrete layer and available in a range of colours.