Breathecoat in the Cederberg

This house in the Cederberg has spectacular views and Breathecoat, due to its Eco Friendly properties is perfect for this particular application. Breathecoat paint is a DIY friendly paint and can be applied by any individual and all Breathecoat products are free of any chemicals that may cause environmental or personal health problems.

Breathecoat is a breathable coating, applied to walls for the following purpose:

  • As a decorative paint
  • Can be applied onto any wall, but specifically onto walls with moisture problems.
  • It allows the moisture to breathe out, but does not allow water to penetrate into the wall.
  • Can be applied onto a plastered wall as soon as the plaster is touch dray, therefore Breathecoat saves time on site due to the fact that it shortens the projects timeline. No need to wait for the walls to get completely dry.
  • (1) It is also available in an Anti-Fungal version, where fungal growth is a problem, eliminating fungi and further growth thereof.
  • (2) Also available in a Stretch version, specifically where hairline cracks are present in the plaster.
  • (3) Also available in an Extra Water Repellent where excessive water is present, such as showers or food and beverage factories where a lot of water is sprayed to clean.
  • Combinations of (1), (2) and (3) is available, where it might be applicable.
  • As mention, specifically suitable in the food and beverage industry, with option (1) and (3)
  • Very relevant in houses with rising damp and moisture problems. No blistering or peeling, moisture breathes out.
  • The finish is also available in 3 textures:
    1) Smooth (non-textured).
    2) Ultra-Smooth (Bliss)
    3) Textured.

Breathecoat is a problem solving paint and decorative at the same and decorative at the same time.