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Self Leveling Floor Screet

Product Description

BreatheCoat SLFS is a hardwearing final floor covering with colour pigment as an inherent part of the product. It comes in powder form in a standard 13kg packet. This cement-based product is self leveling after it is mixed with the prescribed quantity of water. It contains hardening and fast setting agents and dries quickly to a smooth finish with average thickness of approx. 3mm. At this thickness approx. 4kg will be required per square meter.


It is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial environments. Large floor areas can be done allowing for expansion joints at ± 5 linear meter distances. On small areas allowance should be made for expansion capacity on the sides of the area.


  • Clean floor area thoroughly.
  • Fix or fill-in holes and cracks with BreatheCoat Super Crack Repair Bond.
  • Degrease if necessary.
  • Under certain conditions it would be advisable to paint very porous surfaces with a base coat of BreatheCoat non-textured wall paint.


Mix contents of each 13kg bag of powder with 3 liters of clean water. Mix thoroughly preferably with a power mixer in an electric drill. The pot life of the mix is approx. 20min. Only mix what can be used during that period.

Application Procedure

Pour out on floor evenly and enough to cover all areas. Spread out with fine serrated blade or trowel immediately. Do not try to level out again after product has been on floor for longer than 3 min. it can result in unevenness and marks. Do not use extra water on product to assist leveling, as it can cause discolouration. Provision must be made for expansion joints (every 3 to 5 meters).
The product is temperature dependant. Curing time differs during cold winter and hot summer conditions. In hot conditions do not touch or disturb for first 4 hours, while during cold and wet conditions this initial period extend to 24 hours. Complete curing time is 48 hours. After 3 days the SLFS, if desired, can be sealed with BreatheCoat Silicon Sealant or BreatheCoat acrylic sealant. All equipment used can be cleaned with water directly after use. Always store product on timber in dry environment.

Note: These directions are only guidelines as soundness and status of areas to be covered can differ.

  • BreatheCoat SLFS has many advantages
  • It is a relatively economic and effective floor covering.
  • It is difficult to replace original floor tile coverings with the same.
  • Epoxy floor coatings are nearly impossible to patch-up once it is damaged.
  • BreatheCoat SLFS is hygienic and non-hazardous.

About Us

BreatheCoat is a South African paint manufacturer specialising in lead free and solvent free interior paint and exterior paint products. All BreatheCoat products are free of any chemicals that may cause environmental or personal health problems.

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